photographers business plan

Photographers Business Plan Course

How to start? Where to market? How and who to sell to? What is the action plan?

A comprehensive guide for photographers to build your Boudoir photography business from scratch

Everything Sales, Everything Marketing, Everything Advertising

Consistent Lighting and Posing for Boudoir Photographers

Clarity and confidence Creation

And Much More!

P.S. We only sign up photographers who are serious about scaling their business, schedule a call to see if we’re the right fit.

Boudoir Retouching Kit

Extremely Easy-to-use Photoshop actions created for boudoir photographers for beauty editing and a fast and seamless workflow

Brush on Skin Smoothing actions including Frequency Separation

World-class contour and highlight kit

Airbrush in one minute or less

Precise whiten teeth and eyes kit

… and much more! 48+ essential retouching actions

How to Prep for a Boudoir Photoshoot Guide

A comprehensive Boudoir Photoshoot Preparation guide 

Most clients have not done this before so they need an easy to read and a visually interesting guide to help them prepare for their photoshoot

Super easy to edit, just add your images

The guide is already written for you so you can focus on your photography

Use it as a lead magnet in your marketing & advertising

Visually interesting to keep them intrigued and well informed

Valuable info for your clients

Lingerie Guide

A customizable guide. Plug your own images and play!

A sophisticated guide to eliminate confusion

Super easy to edit, just add your images

The guide is already written for you so you can focus on your photography

Use it as a lead magnet in your marketing & advertising

Valuable info for your clients 

Visually interesting to keep them intrigued and well informed

Boudoir Contract, Boudoir Model Release, Print Release & Pricelist

A comprehensive Boudoir Model Release and a Boudoir Contract 

Boudoir photography requires a different contract and model release than regular photography contracts. Get covered with these customizable contracts. Included:

A customizable boudoir photography contract

A  customizable boudoir model release

Bonus I: A customizable print and usage authorization for personal Use

Bonus II: A customizable Price List. The exact one we use with our clients.

Own Your Femininity

How Boudoir Photography Empowers Women and Changes the World

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Boudoir Photography

How Boudoir Photography Helps You Own Your Femininity & Changes the World

Inside this book, you will discover:

  • The history of boudoir photography
  • Common misconceptions about boudoir photography
  • How to pose and use body language to empower your femininity
  • The secrets to getting the perfect and sexy photoshoot
  • How boudoir photography changes you see your body and much more…

Body Language Intelligence


Learn How Mastering Body Language Will Change the Way Others See You & Your Work

Most human communication is non-verbal—your body language springs from your inner thoughts and feelings. Once you learn to master your own body language and accurately interpret the body language of others, you will have an incredible competitive advantage as a photographer.

Inside this book, you will also discover what science has uncovered about body language, the link between body language and the brain, what different body language gestures mean, how to interpret common facial expressions, how to use body language with your clients, the best ways to use body language in posing, and much more…

 Who We Are

Christina Wehbe is a USA-based photographer who specializes in boudoir portraits, having worked with world-class photographer Arny Freytag in Playboy Studios. Christina’s boudoir style is vintage glamour meeting timeless modernity. 

Armed with a B.F.A. in photography, she has built her business from scratch and created innovative systems to enhance the photography experience for her clients. Christina invented and patented a portable V-flats system, so she could have consistent lighting anywhere. In addition, she authored books on femininity and body language for photographers. She loves to help photographers build a solid and thriving business with constant support and inspiration on her online platform. This industry is her lifestyle, and she enjoys mentoring photographers and learning from them as well. She adapts and reinvents her business as the industry changes. 

After dozens of awards, thousands of photo shoots, and an abundance of smiles and laughter in photo shoots around the world, she counts her blessings every day to get to do what she loves and loves what she does.